Musings during pandemic times

I have the privilege of watching birds in our backyard. I’ve noticed there are several types of birds that frequent our feeder.

Big Red, the redheaded woodpecker is King (with a capital K) when it comes to the feeder. Big Red seems to be the top bird and all the others give way to him. He seems to make no apologies and he provides no notice or warning of his desire to come to the feeder. Big Red just descends upon it and everyone else scatters. How interesting.

Mrs C (cardinal) comes to the feeder with Mr. C, who seems to clear the way for her. She is vigilant and seems nervous as she looks around. I think she is trying to anticipate the possibility of the redheaded woodpecker interrupting her meal time. She approaches the feeder carefully, moving from one branch to another a little bit closer. After 4 to 5 approaches, she finally takes her turn at the feeder. Sometimes it goes well. Sometimes, I have seen her flee the feeder with others when the redheaded woodpecker flies up unexpectedly. I think she is living with a certain amount of fear. At least that’s how it looks from my perspective. How interesting.

And almost always, where this is Mrs. C, there is Mr. C. With his brilliantly red, stand-out-in-a-crowd look, he confidently waits in a nearby branch or searches for birdseed on the ground while Mrs. C is feeding, or attempting to do so. I have seen him go toe-to-toe with a squirrel once, much larger than himself. Now they seem to have an understanding, Mr. C and the squirrel. They leave each other be. How interesting.

Robin is here in the yard too, but she never goes to the feeder. She stays on the ground, hopping about and eating worms that she find. She does not seem to be enticed by free food. Perhaps she doesn’t want to wait in line or be bumped off by Big Red. Perhaps she finds it easier to be solitary, taking care of herself. How interesting.

Who am I in all of this?

So… if I was a bird, which one would I be? Big Red, the aggressive redheaded woodpecker (or is that just a huge amount of self-confidence)? Self-reliant Robin on the ground? The anxious Mrs. C or her escort, Mr. C (perhaps for Mr. Confident)?

I know who I want to be! What adjustments might I consider in my life to line up with that? How interesting.

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