The journey from elephants to horses

Lori uses her singing bowls in an unique way in northeast Illinois. Initially, Lori was drawn to working with singing bowls and large animals after spending time with elephants in Thailand. Consequently, she now works with horses, providing a calming environment.

Lori’s work with her singing bowls and horses started after her trip to Thailand in January of 2017. In Chiang Mai, Lori spent the day at Patara Elephant Farm caring for a 21 year old male elephant. It was a transformative experience! As a result, Lori looked for places like Patara when she got back. However, there was nothing anywhere close.

Things changed that summer. In other words, Lori found out that Ben, (a gentle quarterhorse), was being bullied ever since he was moved. Lori was inspired to try her singing bowls with Ben. She wondered if it might ease Ben’s move to a new pasture. Words are not adequate to describe the joyful experiences Lori and Kathy (Ben’s owner) have with Ben and the other horses in his new pasture. 

One day the wind was blowing from a different direction and a curious thing happened. The horses in the next pasture lined up at the fence. Apparently, they heard the singing bowls from many yards away and came to check them out. After that, Lori and Kathy included “fence” time with their regular visits.

Similarly, Lori has expanded her Horses and Healing Sound work to other area horse farms. Please contact her to schedule healing sound time for your horses (or other animals)!

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