The Intent of Music 4 Living is LIVING WELL

That intent may be enhanced with private lessons, performance coaching or songwriting tips. In addition, it may include sound healing experiences with singing bowls and Reiki. Music 4 Living, in the northwest suburbs of Chicago, can support your desire to live a life that is happy, healthy and meaningful.

Private Lessons

Lori teaches voice and piano to youth (starting at age 10)  through adults. From her teaching studio located in Island Lake, IL, she teaches face-to-face or via Zoom and FaceTime.

During the school year, Lori teaches on Mondays and Thursdays. In addition, she teaches a summer session on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Lessons include performance coaching so that students gain experience with public appearances. Musical audition and choir final preparation are standard fare for her high school students. Lori also provides specialty coaching for gig and recording session work.  In addition, songwriting, song arranging, harmony singing and music theory are also taught. For more information, contact Lori at 847.815.5050.

Reiki with Healing Sound

Lori’s healing arts practice includes the use of Himalayan singing bowls and gong along with Reiki to facilitate deep relaxation. She believes this relaxed state is key to allowing the body to correct and heal itself. This practice finds Lori in a quiet intimate space with human clientele or outside in a pasture or barn filled with HORSES.

Horses and Singing Bowls
Horses come to check out Lori’s singing bowls

Live Sound Engineer & Studio Recordings

George Muligano has run live sound for events, organizations and conventions for decades! He has an extensive background as a sound engineer. Because of that, he excels in live sound venues. With George running the soundboard, your musicians will be happy with what they hear. Similarly, the audience will be pleased and thoroughly enjoy their sonic experience. For more information on how to hire George for your next sound need, contact George at 847.815.5550.

Music 4 Living Studios produces audio recordings for small projects. It’s a perfect, intimate space for small recording jobs and demo CDs. You won’t pay big recording studio prices for bells and whistles (session musicians, complex recordings…) you don’t need.

In addition, you will get a great quality product for your project! Whether it’s a small audio project or you’d like some voice-over work done, Music 4 Living Studios is your project-priced alternative!

Duo of George & Lori
George and Lori

Weddings & Service Musicians

Lori is a seasoned wedding ceremony and funeral service musician who has played countless wedding ceremonies and funeral services over the years in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings.  She is available for hire to play and/or sing for your wedding ceremony or a funeral service.

Both Lori and George have worked as service musicians throughout the Chicagoland area for decades. Since 2010, Lori has job-shared the Music Leader role. In addition, she serves as Music Coordinator at Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock.  Lori leads the musical portions of the service many Sundays. She provides a quiet meditation soundscape with her singing bowls. She leads congregational singing and provides uplifting, positive music that ties it altogether with the spiritual message of Unity.

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