Sound Engineer

George Muligano has years of experience providing sound in a wide variety of environments. He has done it all, including live sound engineering, sound for live theatre, mixing and recording. In addition, he is a sound consultant, specifying equipment needed for touring shows and architectural installations.

George has worked for various venues (The Listening Room, Clearwater Theatre, Studio B, Des Plaines Theatre…) to create the best possible live sound.  He’s got loads of experience with local and national organizations, like Lakeside Legacy and Resounding Voice, to name a few.

George gives his full attention and expertise to every live sound event he works, wherever it is. Currently George is the Sound Team Leader at Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock and at The Listening Room.

Above all, George pays meticulous attention to detail.  He is NOT a set-it and forget-it kind of sound engineer! Live sound is his area of strength!

“A good sound man can make a bad band sound good and a bad sound man can make great musicians sound awful”. 

In other words, get the best for your performance with George at the board! For more information, contact George at 847.815.5550.

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