Private Lessons in Voice & Piano

Lori Gray Muligano teaches private voice and piano lessons in her studio. And that’s not all! She offers coaching for students of all ages for upcoming auditions. Lori finds that preparation is key to a good, solid audition. Similarly, she can help you fine-tune and feel ready for an upcoming performance or recording session. In addition, Lori offers helpful tools to new songwriters. Lori works with students from age 10 through adult. She teaches in person or online, using Zoom or FaceTime.

Private lessons year-round
Lori teaches on Mondays and Thursdays during the school year.  Alternately, summer lessons are taught on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Her teaching studio is located in Island Lake, Illinois, a far northwest suburb of Chicago.  

In addition, Lori shares tips on harmony singing, song arranging and music theory when helpful during lessons. Lori offers individual help and direction with students’ own “Summer Project” work.

Lori focuses emphasis on each student feeling prepared and as relaxed as possible for an upcoming performance or audition. She offers this expertise because she did not have access to it when she was younger. She wants her students to feel ready for their performance or speaking appearance. We are all more likely to put our best foot forward if we feel prepared and ready, even with some nervousness.

Contact Lori at 847.815.5050 for more information on regular lessons or audition help.

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