Lori Gray Muligano

Lori enjoys all aspects of music, whether she is teaching, performing or working with healing sound.  Lori’s passion has always been to help and inspire people.  She does this as a teacher, Reiki & singing bowl practitioner, a performer and a composer.  Lori has played piano since the age of 4. In addition, she has directed various choirs and bands throughout her career.  She has recorded multiple CDs with various bands and individuals. In addition, she released her own solo CD in 2013!

Lori obtained her BA in Music Therapy with a minor in psychology from Western Illinois University in Macomb, Illinois.  She completed her Music Therapy Internship at Little City Foundation in Palatine, Illinois.  Lori worked primarily as a music therapist in residential settings in the 1980s. After that, Lori expanded her horizons and brought her music therapy principles and experience to the general population.  

Teacher, Reiki Master & Healing Sound Practitioner

Lori is also a teacher with 20 years of her own piano lessons and years of vocal training.  She has taught lessons for three decades now in her various teaching studios and in her Island Lake home studio.  In the 1990s, she directed a children’s choir for six years. She enjoyed working with grade school children in a musical realm.  In the 2000s, Lori taught music to preschoolers at several local preschools and daycare centers (Music 4 Kids™) . Similarly, Lori still teaches voice & piano to students (age 10 through adults).

Now a Reiki III master, Lori first became interested in Reiki after meeting Tricia Alexander in 2010. After that, Lori explored alternative approaches. She believed there was a way to improve her 30-year experience with RSD (reflex sympathetic dystrophy).  With much appreciation for what western medicine had to offer, Lori was determined to see if there was more she could do than maintain her current health experience. 

Exploration Leads to Healing

Reiki and other complementary approaches opened a door to freedom Lori had not known before.  Because of that, Lori initiated and gave up her handicap license plates in 2014.  She attributes her improved health to Reiki and similar modalities along with a meditation and mindfulness practice.  As a result, Lori has been free of prescription meds for 5 years now.

After decades of taking a variety of pharmaceuticals for her illnesses, she is thrilled to have found a way out of those health challenges.  Since then, after 30 years of limitations, Lori now enjoys active fun as she walks, paddleboards and practices yoga.  Because her singing bowls played a role in her health recovery, she incorporated their use within her Reiki practice. In 2016, Lori attended a week-long singing bowl certification class to further her education.

Finding a Love for Performing Along the Way

Lori sings from her heart
It’s all about sharing your heart!

Lori was a late comer to solo performing. She spent decades hiding in the spotlight shadows. There came a time when she wanted to play music with her husband, George, without the need for a band. In other words, she started working on being a front person at the age of 40. She had no idea when she started that journey how much she would come to love performing!

After that, Lori became a duo act with her musician husband, George.  Entrancing crowds wherever they play, this couple takes you through a range of styles. Each brings their unique personalities to the stage.  George’s rock and blues roots compliments Lori’s warm pop, jazzy style. George’s humorous personality is playful with Lori’s endearing nature.  Audiences have felt ecstatic listening to George’s lead guitar work.

George Muligano

George was raised in a family of musicians and at the age of 13, he got his first “real” guitar, a Gibson ES-330,  which he still owns and gigs with regularly.  He has played in dozens of rock, blues and originals bands over the years, including acting as musical director in many of them.  George enjoys collaborating with other musicians to expand his musical horizons. 

Pro Musician & Lead Guitarist

One of his most notable attributes is his love for performing.  His enjoyment of performing is so evident and contagious when you watch him on stage.

George wears his heart on his sleeve
George wears his heart on his sleeve! Photo by Dino Biris

He has had a varied career that has included performances all over the US & Europe. For 11 years, George was the lead guitarist for the Gas Light Clubs house band on Bourbon Street at Pheasant Run. George has had the good fortune to work with guitar virtuoso Dave Uhrich and has shared the stage with REO Speedwagon, Styx, Roger Adler, Bruce Gaitsch, Leslie West and other iconic performers.  

As a sideman he has performed and recorded many styles of music including his staples of rock and blues as well as country, jazz, indie, folk, Irish Celtic, blue grass and Italian folk songs.  

One of his unique abilities is to be able to listen to a song and find just the right guitar sound, using one of his many guitars and pairing that with just the right processed sounds.  Often times, he combines several guitar parts into one to cover as many guitar sounds as possible in one tune. He can change (in mid-song)  from playing rhythm to playing a lead and then back to playing rhythm or riffs as needed.

Soundman Extraordinaire

George has an incredible “ear” and is a remarkable musician!  His ability to listen to music and hear all the instruments that are contributing to the sound of the song helps him craft just what he should contribute musically.  George knows how to add texture and nuance to songs and he truly connects with the music he is playing.  His ear and ability to hear have served him well in his vast musical and performance experiences.

And his incredible ear makes him a natural for being a finely tuned, highly effective live soundman for gigs in the Chicagoland area.  George is available for hire and is the lead soundman at Lakeside’s Listening Room in Crystal Lake and the Unity Spiritual Center of Woodstock.

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