Small Studio Recordings

Now you have a practical alternative in the far northwest suburbs of Chicago to complete your small recording  project! Music 4 Living has created and produced small recording projects for years. However, the work was done through referrals from students, family and friends. 

In 2013, that changed. In other words, Music 4 Living Studios opened up their intimate space for more audio recordings. Because of that, we’ve handled many fun projects since then. For example, we’ve recorded college auditions, demos, spoken word and poetry readings.

We’ve noticed that recording projects can exceed budgets in a hurry. Because of that, we offer a project price for your small recording project instead of an hourly rate. In addition, because our audio recording space is intimate, it is not intimidating, like larger recording studios can be!

You will have a chance to discuss your ideas with our recording producer ahead of time. In other words, an allowance for the number of hours is discussed for each segment of the process. You will know what to expect. In addition, this time allowance gives you a framework to see yourself finishing your project. In other words, this gives YOU control over your budget and your project!

At the conclusion of your audio recording project, you walk out with a mastered version (and a mp3 to use online).

Music 4 Living Studios offers voice-over work too! For more information, contact Lori at 847.815.5050!

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